Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG) is an organization that is meant to promote public discussion and debate on the local tax issues of the day.  It functions as a taxpayer watchdog organization to ensure that all government taxing bodies operate responsibly and, when proposing referendums on the ballot, promote such referendums responsibly...


Part of responsibility when proposing referendums is the following two concepts:

1)  All relevant and material information IS provided to the voting public.  No "lies by omission" or outright misstatements are to be tolerated.  If performed by the taxing body, CRG will "come off the porch" and fill in the blanks as to their tax increase proposition(s).

2)  That coming to the voters for tax INCREASES is the very last resort after the taxing body has made full, good faith efforts in responsibly operating their organizations.  Just because of free spending, and resultant deficits, there is no reason to say that a taxing body "needs the money".  Government should spend our money no WORSE than WE spend our money!

The above being said, CRG may sometimes determine that a proposal is a "responsible proposal for taxpayer determination".  That means that both of the criteria above has been met.  CRG does NOT promote referendums.  The organization has an abiding faith in THE PEOPLE to ultimately decide such issues.  But the organization knows they may only intelligently decide such issues if they have complete, relevant, and truthful information given them in any election determination.  THAT is what Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG) works to ensure.


Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG) was founded in Gurnee, Illinois in late 1997 by eight community leaders in the Warren/Newport Twp. areas.  Since then, it has grown organically to include various organizations that are not chapters, per se, but affiliated CRG organizations in Lake Bluff, Libertyville, and Lake Zurich Illinois.

Additional to these Lake County locations, our organization has be co-opted by like-minded individuals in Wisconsin and, most recently, Indiana.

Start a CRG Affiliate !

Any individual of similar, taxpayer-sensitive mind is free to start their own chapter.  Ken Arnold would be happy to provide you a free copy of our By-Laws that you may adapt for your needs.  Additionally, Ken Arnold is available to consult, for a modest fee, the further development of such organization (i.e. patterns for membership cards, sample press releases for conceptual ideas on tax matters, political campaign consulting, etc.).  For modest expense, there is also available a full functioning "autocall" capability to get your message out to voters or conduct polling questions with them.

It has been our experience after sixteen years in existence that taxpayers have increasingly relied upon our legwork, monitoring of taxing bodies, and analysis of local tax issues of the day.  There has also been favorable movement by taxing bodies, knowing there's a "sentinel in town", to operate more responsibly on a day-to-day basis and to even try to adapt their initiatives in order to be seen by CRG as a "responsible proposal for voter determination".

The days of local schools, libraries, and villages pulling the wool over the eyes of taxpayers with half-truths, excuses, and "smoke and mirrors accounting" are over where an organization like Citizens for Responsible Government has been in place for an extended period of time.  Even the media likes writing articles on referendums where they're now able to get a ready "alternative perspective" on any proposal.


Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG)

Promoting public discussion and debate...


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