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“  W h e r e   g r e a t   i d e a s   a r e   f o r g e d … ! “                                                                                                                     ™



We’re Edison Ideaworks…an operating area of Arnold Business Enterprises LLC of Gurnee, Illinois!  Edison Ideaworks has effectively been in the new product invention, development, and promotion area for well over three decades now.  We mainly focus on our own product inventions and business opportunity ideas.  However:  Once or twice we’ve even promoted those of others.

Although not given credit for these, we were clearly the first to invent such items as:

1)  Magnavox’s “Smart Sound” noise limiter for television sets.

2)  5/3 Bank’s “Duo Card” credit card – both a concept…and a name that we invented and even previously proposed to Discover Card.

3)  “Laptop Lojack” security system for laptop computers.

4)  Other ideas now successfully on the market.



Being only a small business, we work on the premise of trust and partnership with those we approach for product licensing purposes.  Moreover, we initially have firms sign “non-compete/non-disclosure” agreements to protect our ideas … and only after entering into a licensing agreement would anyone then incur the great expense of going to patent.

The above process allows for a minimum of initial cost on all party’s parts along with having your firm (i.e. the firm we’re licensing the idea/invention to), who is much more knowledgeable of their industry, partner with us in the whole process of bringing the product item to market.  It’s a win/win for both parties concerned!


We have about two dozen other new product ideas in various states of development and deployment.  Just some of them are:

1)  A new notifier for First Responders nationwide to very quickly canvass neighborhoods for the wellness of the occupants in the event of a disaster.  This invention does NOT require that communication systems are fully functional.

2)  A means of warning motorists of oncoming, emergency vehicles as well as other messages that does not rely on traditional means of warning.

3)  Currently, a multi-use N95 mask to address the needs of the public during our COVID-19 pandemic.

4)  A way for senior citizens to enjoy healthy and nutritious meals at their homes with a very minimum of preparation efforts required.

5)  A new railcar chassis that will GREATLY increase the fuel efficiency of our Nation’s railroads – cutting down on pollution while enhancing our Nation’s energy security.

You can tell from the above that the forging of Edison Ideaworks creative ideas knows no bounds!  But that is in keeping with our namesake, Thomas Edison.  He, too, invented things as wide ranging as the light bulb to the Dictaphone sound recording system --- and everything in between!  Hundreds of products, in fact.


You can trust partnering with Edison Ideaworks – we’re an operating area of Arnold Business Enterprises LLC whose corporate slogan is:  “High tech knowledge…old fashioned business ethics!”  So depend on us!  We’re not here to take advantage of another firm or person; but, to partner with them for the good of our society and country as a whole.  We look for the “win/win” situation in EVERYTHING we do and say.  And we, likewise, look for partners who will do the same…


 Edison Ideaworks

“   W h e r e   g r e a t   i d e a s   a r e   f o r g e d  … ! “                                                                                                                     ™