A nationally noted collection of photographs and materials depicting the dawn of the motorcycle era at the turn of the last century.  This collection is now being offered for sale for your private enjoyment in any Den, Garage, Bike Shop, or Bar.  Makes for a great conversation piece and collectors item for the motorcycle enthusiast.  Order yours now !!!

The prints below (numbered for your ordering reference) are serial numbered and come with a "Certificate of Authenticity" from Ken Arnold - owner of this collection.  The photographs (prints #1 thru #17) come in legal size for maximum display size.  The documents (prints #22 thru #29) come in approximately 8 1/2 X 11 size.  (Note:  To protect copyrights, the prints below have embedded stars within them NOT present in your purchased prints...)

In all cases, these prints are also offered in a fully framed, ready-to-mount version as well as simply receiving the print(s) for your own mounting.

The prints are as follows:

                   PRINT                         PRINT NUMBER & EXPLAINATION


Print #1:  Historic Trip From Logansport, Indiana to Denver Colorado - Circa 1907

Print #2:  Second photo of above, cross country motorcycle trip.

Print #3:  Logansport, Indiana Motorcycle Club in front of Rochester, Indiana Courthouse.

Print #4:  Logansport, Indiana Motorcycle Club in front of Winamac, Indiana Courthouse.

Print #5:  Unique winter scene (winter lake ice collection shoot is in the background)

Print #6:  Motorcycle Club in Logansport, Indiana formal dinner - 1913

Print #7:  Proud Father and Son - Circa 1915

Print #8:  Arnold Motorcycle Shop A - Logansport, Indiana

Print #9:  Arnold Motorcycle Shop B - Logansport, Indiana

Print #10:  Inside the Arnold Motorcycle Shop

Print #11:  Second photo of inside the Arnold Motorcycle Shop with proud proprietor, Edward Arnold.

Print #12:  Selling Tires and Parts at a local fair.

Print #13a:  Front of antique postcard

Print #13b:  Back of antique postcard

Print #14:  Clifford Arnold with two Navy buddies on his Excelsior   "Super X"   Circa 1935

Print #15:  Clifford Arnold riding his "Super X" motorcycle.  Circa 1935

Print #16:  Edward Arnold with motorcycle mechanic in his bike shop.  Circa 1912

Print #17:  Excelsior Motorcycle with proud owner.

Print #22:  Company Balance Sheet - 1911

Print #23:  Company Balance Sheet - 1913

Print #24:  Company Balance Sheet - 1914

Print #25:  Company Balance Sheet - 1915

Print #26:  Company Balance Sheet - 1916

Print #27:  Company Balance Sheet - 1917

Print #28:  Company Balance Sheet - 1918

Print #29:  Company Balance Sheet - 1919


Sample of the "Certificate of Authenticity" that comes with every print sold.


PRICES:     One Print:   $139.00

                    Two or more Prints:   $110.00 each

Framing of each print is also available for only $40.00 each

(All prices above include shipping, handling, and Illinois Sales Tax.

AMCA / AHRMA Members get a discount of $10.00 per print!)


SPECIAL NOTE:  Individuals, museums and motorcycle shops who wish large prints (example: large, ceiling hung banners) are invited to contact us for special pricing of such requests.

(C) 2009 by Arnold Business Enterprises LLC   Reproduction of any prints is expressly prohibited without the written permission of Arnold Business Enterprises LLC and is protected by U.S. and International copyright laws.