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Best Deal Dental Plans. Com (formerly known as Lowest Cost Dental Plans. Com) represents the newest addition of value from Arnold products!  This product offering means what it says:  We provide you with the freedom to choose from more than 30+ discount dental plans at the BEST DEAL in all the marketplace!

ENJOY OUR WIDE SELECTION:  You easily select from over thirty (30) different discount dental plans -- plans whose membership cost is far less than dental insurance plans!  And you're never locked into having to enroll in a single plan, take it or leave it.  Each plan represents differences in design as well as the panel of dentists in your area -- YOU choose the plan and participating dentist that best suits your dental care needs.  Plus, if you're a business wishing to offer this low cost / high profile employee offering, you and your valued employees will definitely appreciate having such a wide choice of discount dental plan options!

ADVANTAGES:  Discount dental plans offer customers an alternative to dental insurance programs.  Material discounts are had on dental services such as preventative, restorative, and major restorative work at just a fraction of the cost that a dentist would normally charge.  These dental savings can range between 10% and 60% off a Dentist's normal charges on most dental procedures.

Discount dental plans have NO paperwork hassles, NO health restrictions, No Annual Limits, and NO HASSLES!  All you do is simply pay directly to the Dentist for your services -- but at material discounts already negotiated by your plan provider.  That's it!

With plans starting at only $79.95 PER YEAR, membership is surprisingly affordable and typically much lower in cost than regular dental insurance plans.  And it can save you a bundle in dental costs every year!

And for a limited time, when you join you will receive 3 additional months absolutely FREE!  That's fifteen (15) months of dental savings for one low annual membership fee!

So don't wait!  Join now and see - first hand - just how fast dental savings for you and your family will quickly add up!  Click into savings and value below!

Choose From 30+ Nationwide Discount Dental Plans!

Discount Dental Plans Starting at only $79.95/year!


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( Disclaimer:  BestDealDentalPlans.Com (formerly known as is an affiliate of Plans and Programs offered thru are not health insurance policies. Plans and Programs offered by provide discounts at certain health care providers for medical services. Plans and Programs offered by do not make payments directly to the providers of medical services. The Plan or Program member is obligated to pay for all health care services but will receive a discount from those health care providers who have contracted with the Plan, Program or discount plan organization. )