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Civil Defense Survival Box.  Com    ***    Disaster Survival Manual.  Com

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Unit Price



1)  Civil Defense Survival Box – Standard (Two Boxes)

 $ 2,175.00  



2) Civil Defense Survival Box – Deluxe Supplement Box

 $ 1,625.00  



3) Civil Defense Survival Box – Std. Single Box Version

 $ 2,175.00  



4) Geiger Counter and Dosimeters “Combo Pack”

 $    345.00 



5) “It’s A Disaster!” Disaster Survival Manual *

 $      11.95  



6) First Responder Notifier (FRN) Sign

 Varies by Qty.



7) Other:





  ( If Sales Tax Exempt, please Include Exempt ID.      SALES TAX Otherwise, multiply the subtotal by 8.5% or 0.085 if an Illinois Order.)


 Items 1 thru 3: Orders to anywhere in the continental U.S., please include shipping charge of $160.00 per survival box unit.  Items 4 and 6:  $24.00 per unit.  Item 5:  Shipping is FREE for Survival Manual Orders via this form.  Alaska and Hawaii orders - please call.)  SHIPPING & HANDLING






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Minimum Order Sizes:

Geiger Counters/Dosimeters/”Combo Pkg” (12 in any combination); or, Civil Defense Survival Boxes (2,500 in any combination).

* The minimum order size by for "It's a Disaster" Survival Manual is fifty (50) or more books using this order form.  Book orders can also be provided with pre-printed label stickers for affixing to various blank pages in the book ( 3 1/2" L X 5" H ) and to the book covers ( 4" L X 1 3/8" H ).  Examples of labels would be "Complements Of..." as well as full page stickers advertising the corporation or one of its product offerings.  Please call 847-207-1167 if wishing labeling with your book order and assistance on the communication aspects of this book offer to your laborforce or customer prospect list.


Making Your Payment:

Please make all checks attached to this order form payable to:  Arnold Business Enterprises LLC and mail to the following address also listed at the top of the order form:

Arnold Business Enterprises LLC

2034 Liberty, Suite B, Gurnee, IL   60031-6305

Payments via check are preferred.  However:  Please email or call 847-207-1167 after completing the order form if you need to make payment via PayPal or other means.


Order Fulfillment

All Survival Box (TM) orders are placed on an “as filled”  basis.  Due to the coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) emergency affecting product item availabilities, length of fullfillment are now greatly extended.  We therefore offer customers a "half down and half due upon delivery of each lot that we fullfill type program for those entities desiring such.