Disaster Survival Manual





One of the premier educational and reference books for Disaster Preparedness and Survival, "It's A Disaster!  …and what are YOU gonna do about it?" is easy to read and quick to grasp.  It is a book that could very well save your life in the event of natural or manmade disaster -- so much so that we pack a copy of it within every Standard Civil Defense Survival Box our firm makes!


Listing for $ 14.99 before shipping costs, this useful 284 page reference book is offered here at deeply discounted prices for pre-disaster reading, reference, and use at a great value.  These valuable manuals can be provided to government protective service personnel, essential corporate employees, prospective customers as promotional items, and/or purchased for friends and loved ones to motivate them to well prepare for any disaster contingency.  Is a great item for friends or prospective customers -- and a much appreciated employee benefit for any corporation . . .


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